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Pistachio Lace Cookies


I think one of the biggest reasons I consider myself a foodie is just because food is so intricately woven into our lifestyles. When my boyfriend and I first started dating, our relationship was strengthened (or so I would argue) over our cooking endeavours together, where we discovered our compatibility in being able to work together and collaborate to make delicious works of breakfast in the kitchen. When we made breakfast at his house, we would waltz around the kitchen in a seemingly choreographed manner, grabbing ingredients for each other, taking turns watching how cooked the eggs were, dipping slices of bread in the French toast batter, and, by golly, we were the best at making eggs (scrambled, over-easy, sunny side-up, you name it!), French toast, hash browns, pancakes, etc.. He had 11 other housemates and when we were in the kitchen, we dominated the aromas that wafted through the entire house.


Beyond the act of cooking as a bonding mechanism, the act of eating is also so incredibly central to our lives. My memories and ideas of places and people are reinforced by the tastes and smells I associate with my experiences. Going to Taiwan as a child (where my paternal grandparents live), I have the fondest memories of my grandma waking up earlier than everyone else every morning and heading out to buy bags full of the most delicious Taiwanese breakfast goods. We would wake up to the smells of greasy, delicious fried Chinese donuts (you tiao), warm sweet soymilk for dipping said donuts, boxes of small, perfectly-wrapped soup dumplings (xiao long bao), and tightly wrapped rice rolls filled with pickled vegetables and pork floss.

And when I write about recipes and different items I have made before, I instantly think of the experiences and memories I have associated with said foods. These pistachio lace cookies I made one day I was at home before my sister finished school and when she came home and smelled the vanilla aroma from the cookies and saw the gorgeous green pistachio nuts speckling these thin treats, she was in infatuated. I remember dabbing our fingers along the cookie tray and lickng the bits of sweet oats off like they were an exotic spice. And it is for moments like this that I make and share food.


 Pistachio Oat Lace Cookies (Original Seattle Lunchbox Recipe)

  • 1 1/4 cup quick-cooking rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1 tsp cornstarch
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 cup finely chopped pistachios
  • 1/3 cup butter, melted
  • 1 tbsp vanilla
  • 2 tbsp water

Preheat oven to 350ºF and line cookie sheets with ungreased parchment paper.

Mix the oats, brown sugar, cornstarch, baking powder, and nuts together. Add butter, vanilla and water to oat mixture.

Drop teaspoonfuls of batter onto prepared cookie sheets with a couple inches of space in between. Flatten the cookies slightly.

Bake 8 to 12 minutes.

Let cool and gobble up.


I Am Terrible

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I can’t believe I still haven’t blogged yet.

What is my life?

Wait, I can answer that. It’s finals week.

Still….I am terrible. And I am terribly sorry and I terribly hope that you will forgive my terrible-ness.

When in Rome…

Eat a delicious Italian dinner of pizza and suppli (a fried treat filled with cheese, rice, and spices).

Eat gelato till you explode.

Drink cappuccinos on a countertop with locals and nod as they chatter excitedly in Italian.

When at the Vatican….NO LEG-SHOWING!

Mail a postcard from the Vatican and get an awesome stamp you cannot get anywhere else.

Eat roasted chestnuts from a roast chestnut stand.

Walk down a winding staircase.

Yes I’m in Rome. And I really don’t want to leave. The cats, the smells, the Italian cartoons, the friendly locals, the food, the streetside vendors. Why would I ever want to leave this heaven? But I am. On to Florence in an hour…

What a random blog post this is.

An Announcement!

Hey readers, I have a very exciting piece of news to share with you.

My Brown Sugar Maple Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake was the featured recipe on Maple Syrup World yesterday. I can’t tell you how surprised I am since this blog was only meant for enjoyment and I never really expected much attention to be directed towards it from anybody. Here’s a big thanks to Maple Syrup World for ushering in many more viewers than I could have ever asked for. You can follow Maple Syrup World on Facebook here.

Oh and the best part? A promo code. An exclusive 10% Off coupon code: SEATTLELUNCHBOX, valid for 20 orders on all their products.

Non-Food Post

I came home today and found my pug sitting on my nightstand. Umm..what the heck are you doing there, Didi? I know…I have a picture of pugs on my bedroom wall. Yeah I have a lavender wall. And yes I have striped bedsheets. And yes those are my pajamas that you see sloppily thrown on my bed.

The title says it all.

If you haven’t noticed, your dear blogger has been sort of busy. By “sort of”, I mean she’s studying for finals. Urgh! Why am I talking in the 3rd person again? I am losing my ability to speak properly. Today, while sitting in the library, my Mom called me and our conversation went something like this.

Mom: Hi sweetie, how’s the studying going?
Me: Om.
Mom: Huh?
Me: It’s foine.
Mom: Is your mouth full?
At this point I laughed and returned to normal conversation mode.

Anyways, I am actually here to share some news with you.

  1. The Prez came to Seattle today! You heard right. Obama was in Seattle. I definitely support his support of Patty Murray…but I definitely don’t support the huge congestion of the 520 bridge due to the huge congestion of I-5 (which Obama had to go through). You see, people who want to go to Seattle typically take the Westbound 520 to connect to I-5. Lucky for me, I was Eastbound. So even though the bus didn’t move for 20 minutes straight, it wasn’t as bad as what happened on the Westbound lanes. It was a parking lot. People literally turned off their car engines and got out of their cars and started walking around and making phone calls and texting. It was like a freeway full of unmoving cars and pedestrians.
  2. I just finished eating a whole carton of Haagen Dazs lowfat Coffee Frozen Yogurt. Yay for calories and an expanding waistline.
  3. I also unconsciously had a frappuccino after 3 pm. This means, that I will have a very hard time falling asleep tonight. Darn it. I should really watch the time before I lay down $3.24 for my favorite drink.
  4. Your blogger is dying. I want to eat something rich and chocolatey so bad I feel I’m going to have a panic attack. But I have told myself to refrain from baking until Friday. So on Friday, you will see me explode in my kitchen out of happiness that summer quarter is over and out of happiness that I can eat chocolate baked goods again. (I have an idea of what I’m going to bake…but I’m not telling you just yet.)

If you love me, make a wish upon a star tonight that it will rain brownies in Seattle tomorrow. I need brownies. Oh and be sure to tell the star that boxed mixes just aren’t going to cut it and I need homemade brownies.

If it rains brownies tomorrow, I’ll be undeniably irrevocably absolutely happy. (Did I just use three adverbs in a row?)

Blueberries Aren’t Ripe Enough Yet!

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What misfortune we Seattlites have this year! We went to a U-Pick blueberry farm the other day and they told us…the blueberries aren’t ripe yet because it’s been too cold this year. Up until mid-July, I suppose it has been relatively cold. Remember back in June when all of us in the Northwest corner of the nation were complaining about the partiality of Mother Nature by allowing New Yorkers to wear shorts and bikinis while still forcing us to wear jeans and jackets.

Mother Nature was pretty unfair to our blueberries too.

Well, I guess we found some edible ones. But those were eaten before we had a chance to put them in our bucket.

Above, I’m wearing my very dorky, adorable park ranger hat. Go ahead and laugh at me. Be that way.

Found someeeeeeeee!

This is a lame post.

I know…but I just feel a need to tell you about our misfortune with the blueberries. It’s very, very crushing to my foodie heart.

I swear I won’t go back to college in peace if I don’t get to pick blueberries by the end of my summer.

On a Road Trip…

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Hello all! Well, guess what? Your dear blogger is currently on a road trip. In fact I am writing this from a Starbucks in Medford, Oregon after ~7 hrs of driving. Destination? Yosemite National Park.

Exciting, isn’t it? This road trip is the equivalent of eating all the junk food that I have restrained myself from eating in the past week. Yeah only a week. But junk food tastes so good, even though it makes me feel absolutely guilty. Potato chips, McFrappes, Carl’s Jr Burgers…oh god. I don’t even want to think about the jelly beans, Pez packages that I stuffed incessantly into my mouth.

Hopefully, I will have some wi-fi that will allow me to write some blog posts on a few restaurants that I haven’t been able to write about yet. If not, I will be back and rolling on July 21.

Adios amigos!