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Why Can’t “Pretty Little Liars” be “Pretty Little Eaters”?

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The Pretty Little Liars are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful girls to ever set foot on planet Earth. Aria with her impeccable brows and jawline, Hanna with that gorgeous hair and wardrobe, Emily with that athletic look and glowing skin, and Spencer (my favorite) with her dark eyes and raspy voice.

They also have the American TV-watching population under their thumbs. How can you possibly not be intrigued by a show with murder, threatening text messages, amazing outfits, and a palatable soundtrack? I couldn’t resist. I was hooked even before the season started by the previews and clips.

There are 2 things that bother me the most on this show though.

First, they all have the same hairstyle. Long hair to their mid-back, either curled, wavy, or straightened. I get annoyed by the lack of variety. Even the freakin’ murdered girl Allison has the same hairstyle! (Plus, Aria’s Mom, Emily’s Mom, and sort of Mona) Urgh! I think the ABC Family Hairstylist needs to open her eyes to the fact that, well, in some worlds, there is diversity when it comes to hair.

Second, they have serious eating issues. I have back-up on this claim.

  1. In the season finale, Mona stated that she ate 3 almonds a day last summer for a diet. What the f–? 3 almonds a day could put you in the ER for malnutrition. I really hope all the other teenage girls out there do not think that 3 almonds a day is actually the way to lose weight.
  2. In one of the earlier episodes, Hanna says (I’m quoting), “Mom, I don’t eat breakfast. And neither do you.” Uh hell yeah you should eat breakfast. And how do people survive with only milk, orange juice, and yogurt in their fridges? I understand they’re in a financial crisis and at risk of a foreclosure, but it really won’t hurt to scrape out $1 for a bag of greens on sale at your local grocery store and $2 for a carton of eggs. If you’re telling me “They don’t have the money”, then tell me why Hanna is still carrying around a name brand purse. If people can afford Chloes and Louis Vuittons, they can spend $3 for some nutritious food.
  3. In another episode, Spencer ate a pear for dinner (the episode where she stole her sister’s Russian History essay and won a contest with it.) Okay okay. Eating a pear is better than eating 3 almonds. But seriously? A pear for dinner? What universe do these girls live in? I truly believe that the Pretty Little Liars never took middle school health. Does the term Food Pyramid not ring a bell for any of them? You need your dairy, your meat/protein, your vegetables, your wheat, and your fruits.The typical daily calorie intake should be around 2000 calories. So I understand that you want to be skinny. Alright, so cut that down to between 1100-1500 calories. THAT STILL DOESN’T DEEM THAT YOU EAT A PEAR FOR DINNER.

So for all of you out there who think that unhealthily skimping on meals is the way to go, don’t do it. By healthy, I refer to things like getting a bit of each section of the food pyramid each day. Maybe a cup of skim milk and an egg for breakfast (dairy and protein), a slice of whole-wheat bread with a leaf of lettuce and slice of turkey for lunch (wheat+veggies+meat), some fresh seasonal fruits for a snack, and pasta (wheat) with homemade tomato sauce for dinner and some celery sticks (veggies) for dinner.

How hard can that be? I looked up all of these on Calorie Counter and I have the following figures for you.

Cup of nonfat milk is 86 calories and a large egg is 92 calories=178 calories for breakfast.

1 slice of whole-wheat bread is 69 calories+1 leaf of lettuce is 2 calories+1 slice of turkey ham is 32 calories=103 calories for lunch

An apple is 72 calories and a cup of blueberries is 83 calories=155 calories of healthy snacks.

Four ounces of pasta is 150 calories, a whole cup of tomato sauce is only 78 calories, and a cup of celery sticks is 17 calories=245 calories for dinner.

TOTAL: 681 calories.

Look at that number. Now look at how much the FDA deems people eat per day (2000 calories) and now look at how much people eat when they’re dieting (1100 calories). Baby…you’ve got 419 calories of freakin’ leeway space! 419 calories of chocolate, cookies, and cake!

And even with 419 calories of baked goods and other stuff, you’re still way below the national standard.

*Edit: A commenter pointed out that the daily calorie intake for women should not drop below 1200 calories. 1100 calories is already unhealthily pushing it, and you can still eat all of the above and be way below the standard. Not to mention how the girls are eating.

Now do you see why I’m annoyed with the Pretty Little Liars’ bad eating habits?


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  1. Just an FYI, a healthy daily calorie intake for women should not drop below 1,200 calories for women and about 1,500 for men. Teenagers especially need that energy. “1,100” when you’re dieting is pushing it.
    The girls are definitely not doing it right. And if they wanted to keep the weight off, they’d actually consume more calories (rapid weight loss is more likely to result in an individual gaining those pounds right back)

    • I definitely agree with you about the 1100 calories not being nearly enough. I wrote that as an exaggeration with my meaning being that 1100 calories is already a bare bare bare minimum, not to mention how the girls are eating (a fraction of that unhealthy 1100 calories.)

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