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It’s Like Swiss Food With an Asian Accent

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That’s probably ’cause it is. Have you ever seen a menu with knoepfli, fried purple rice, elk meatballs, and miso soup? I certainly haven’t.

Nettletown is a nice, cozy (and indie) restaurant located on Eastlake Ave, in the vicinity of South Lake Union. They serve brunch from 10 am to 3 pm (catering to the late-waker-uppers I see). So my family and I walked in at around noon, hoping for a hearty lunch and found ourselves brunch instead. We were ecstatic.

It all began with some rosemary candied ginger shortbread.

Sweet, crumbly shortbread with legit rosemary and candied ginger inside. What a perfect beginning to a brunch. Though at $1 per 2-inch cookie, I might hesitate on getting this again. Maybe it’ll just be a treat for if I manage to lose 2 more pounds, do excellent on a biology exam, or complete a research project.

Next, the dishes…

Above you see my two overeasy eggs with a generous portion of salad and two delicious potato cakes with red onions. I think I’ve told you that I’m a potato fanatic already. I love potatoes.  I have a friend G– who holds the same feelings for potatoes as I do (so we’ve been crazy about potatoes together since Kindergarten).

The eggs were…eggs. I also love eggs. If I wake up one morning to see that someone has made overeasy eggs for me, I will treat that person with great kindness for a whole day and then maybe I’ll wake up the next morning to find another overeasy egg waiting for me.

Did I ever tell you that I don’t like runny yolks? Well I don’t. Then you might ask, “Why don’t you get scrambled eggs?”. Scrambled eggs make me want to puke. I like my eggs thin with a bit of crunch and perhaps some yolk. Yum yum.

Above you see my Mom’s knoepfli (Swiss noodles) with bacon. This was really good. Thin slices of bacon scattered throughout a macaroni like bowl of noodles. Interesting. I had no idea what knoepfli was until I came here, so I guess I learned something.

Oh, want to know the best part? Since there’s this Asian vibe running through the restaurant, my mom found her favorite chili sauce and decided to add chili sauce to her knoepfli. Oh well. At least I snuck a few bites before the spiciness radar of the dish went off the charts.

It’s a sandwich. What do you think is inside? A hearty beef patty?

WRONG. It’s…elk meatball.

Say what? Yeah, it’s elk meatball. So I tried some of it. But the whole time I ate it, I kept thinking about the elk I saw at Yellowstone and what they would say to me if they saw me eating one of their fellow brothers.

Yikes. Getting reprimanded by elk…not a pretty sight.

But not thinking about elk while eating lemongrass elk meatballs? That’s more like it. And it does taste different. A light scent of lemongrass was present, but overpowering it was the strong meaty taste. Meat lovers, you gotta try this.

People who have a fear of nagging and whining elks…stay away.

And last but not least, my sister’s Huckleberry Cardamom Bread Pudding.

I love things that are like crème brûlée crunchy on the outside, soft and warm on the inside. That’s what this bread pudding was like. Crunchy bread pieces, soft huckleberry jam and bread on the inside.

I don’t think I can possibly do a blog post without raving at some point about the deliciousness of a particular sweet dessert. But can you just feel the warm huckleberry jam and smell of cardamom wafting through the air as my sister ate this? It was even enough to slightly divert my attention from the delicious potato cakes I was executing with my fork and knife.

All the food there was very palatable. And at a very reasonable price too. For rosemary shortbread, knoepfli, bread pudding, eggs and potato cakes, and a lemongrass elk meatball sandwich, it amounted to ~$35. Not bad for a meal, eh?


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  1. oh my goodness bread pudding… i’ve always wanted to try it…. @__@


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