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On a Road Trip…

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Hello all! Well, guess what? Your dear blogger is currently on a road trip. In fact I am writing this from a Starbucks in Medford, Oregon after ~7 hrs of driving. Destination? Yosemite National Park.

Exciting, isn’t it? This road trip is the equivalent of eating all the junk food that I have restrained myself from eating in the past week. Yeah only a week. But junk food tastes so good, even though it makes me feel absolutely guilty. Potato chips, McFrappes, Carl’s Jr Burgers…oh god. I don’t even want to think about the jelly beans, Pez packages that I stuffed incessantly into my mouth.

Hopefully, I will have some wi-fi that will allow me to write some blog posts on a few restaurants that I haven’t been able to write about yet. If not, I will be back and rolling on July 21.

Adios amigos!


About Natalie C.

A college graduate in molecular biology eagerly awaiting the commencement of my quest for the luxurious yet completely impractical hood that one receives at a Doctorate graduation ceremony.

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