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Gelato Really Can Chase Those Clouds Away

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Regardless of what Katy Perry says, your sun-kissed skin isn’t always going to be hot enough to melt your Popsicle. Yes, even in California, though we Seattlites have it particularly rough weather-wise up in our Northwest corner of the nation. We got a generous sprinkle of rain and an overdose of clouds on the 4th of July as the rest of the nation was withering under the rays of that grand ole sun. Luckily for us, those clouds finally ran away and now we’re getting a generous portion of blue sky and sun.

But rain clouds or no clouds, I think you should get ice cream. It’s summer, after all. So change out of those PJ pants, stop pouting, and smother yourself with ice cream.

Where? Well, I have a recommendation for you…Fainting Goat Gelato!

I went there last week with one of my best friends J–. It was cloudy and we had just had hamburgers and fries from Dick’s Drive-In, but we were still up for the ice cream.

Where should I start with Fainting Goat? How about…the extraordinary array of flavors I saw there? Nutella, Blue Angel, Honey Lavender, Creme Brulee, Roasted Almond, Tiramisu, and so many more.

J– got the Tiramisu and I got Roasted Almond (I already told you! I’m an almond nut! Get it? Haha).

J-- with her Tiramisu scoop.

The gelato was so creamy, and the flavor was just right. You could taste the almond and also the faint taste of nut brittle lurking behind. J–‘s tiramisu scoop was delicious, a delicious mixture of light chocolate and the sweetness of pastry cream and ladyfingers. All the time we gulped down the ice cream with our mouths full, we told each other “This is so good! We’re getting this again!”

And it was delicious. I finished mine particularly fast because I got my scoop in a bowl (I sometimes get germaphobic about ice cream cones), but J–‘s cone looked delicious. Either way, the ice cream totally shines past any other ice cream I’ve had. At $3.00 for a single scoop, I would say it’s worth it. It’s way better than Coldstone Creamery and around the same price (or even cheaper). So go get some!

Considering its proximity to the the University of Washington, I would say that I’m going back for more too. And this time, I’ll dare to try another flavor that I’m sure will entertain my taste buds just as this one did.

So do me a favor. Make life beautiful with some good ice cream and get some Vitamin D while you can (you never know when the clouds are going to come back).


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A college graduate in molecular biology eagerly awaiting the commencement of my quest for the luxurious yet completely impractical hood that one receives at a Doctorate graduation ceremony.

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