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Coffee and Cake at Bakery Nouveau

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I don’t believe in soulmates. Don’t you ever find the whole “soulmate” idea slightly saddening? Everyone is predestined to be with someone in this world. But, did you know that the estimated world population (as of the very second that I type this) is 6,853,054,401 people? You’re 1 person out of 6,853,054,401 people. And there’s another person out of 6,853,054,400 people that you are meant to be with. Very saddening indeed.

And I couldn’t find the statistic for the average number of people you meet in your life, but the maximum number of friends you can have on Facebook is 5000, so I don’t think it can be much larger than 10,000.

I suppose if you add up all the people you ever see (on the bus, around school, at the mall, etc.), it could come out to a grand sum. But are you really able to distinguish your soulmate from the rest of your crowd? Well say you do. What if your soulmate’s too busy texting or checking for Facebook updates? Is your chance for love really gone?

Nonsense. Absolute balderdash. Make your own soulmates everyone. Life’s too short to wait around for the “invisible hand” (that’s right, Adam Smith) to come and guide your life.

So I made my own soulmate at a bakery on Sunday. Don’t get any ideas now. It was with a chocolate croissant, for heaven’s sake!

Crispy, buttery, and flaky on the outside, but soft with a delicate touch of chocolate on the inside. 100% love at first bite. Couple that with a small cappuccino and you’ve got yourself quite the afternoon snack with a very attractive (and edible) date.

Next order of business, the chocolate cake…

There are two things in common with the chocolate cake and the chocolate croissant: 1) they’re both chocolate (definitely a plus) and 2) they both stole my heart. But in actuality, they’re pretty much polar opposites. The crispy flakiness of the chocolate croissant is replaced by a moist and decadent texture in the chocolate cake. Yes, it’s easy to make chocolate cake. But can you truly make it as rich and soft as this slice? Perhaps, but it’ll take some expertise and effort.

What’s next? Oh how could I forget! ‘Em macarons!

From left to right: coconut, coffee, and mint

Priced at $1.50 each, they are considered a luxury for me. And they certainly didn’t sway me as the chocolate cake and croissant did. But they were good. Very palatable. The cookie part looked crunchy and stiff, but biting into it will reveal that it is actually slightly chewy and good. The filling was delicious (though a tad sweet). Still, I liked it. 🙂

Now, the finishing dessert? A strawberry shortcake.

Want me to tell you a secret? I’ve actually never had a strawberry shortcake before. Another secret? Even though I’m 15 and a sophomore in college, I still can’t help but think of that one greeting card icon Strawberry Shortcake every time I hear “strawberry shortcake”. (If I recall correctly, she also had friends named Apple Dumplin’, Ginger Snap, and Angel Cake. There are probably a lot more, since cartoon creators have a tendency to add an infinity amount of “friends”).

But this Strawberry Shortcake didn’t squeal “Let’s pick strawberries!” or “You’re a berry good friend!”. Instead, I took a great bite out of it before it had a chance to say anything. Sweet cream filling and a spongey cake. Yum yum.

And what do you know? Strawberry shortcake was one of Bakery Nouveau’s “Specialties” of the day!

From the absolute raving I’ve been doing about the things that I tried there, I think you get the idea already. Bakery Nouveau is extremely delicious and any pastry-lover would love walking in just to smell the fresh baked loaves of bread and to get their share of eye candy from the cases of macarons, cakes, and charlottes. Not to mention what happens when you decide to buy some. Then it becomes an unstoppable cycle of purchase-eat-purchase-eat…and so on.


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A college graduate in molecular biology eagerly awaiting the commencement of my quest for the luxurious yet completely impractical hood that one receives at a Doctorate graduation ceremony.

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  1. Next time you go, you MUST try the twice -baked almond croissant. It took me three bus transfers and an hour and a half to get it, but it was so worth it.

  2. Dandi-Wow! 3 bus transfers! But, I promise, the next time I go there, I will ask for there twice-baked almond croissants. Thanks for the suggestion!


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