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Lunch at Paseo: The Best Restaurant in Seattle?

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Well I’m a Seattlite writing a food blog named correspondingly after my metropolitan ethnicity, right? So maybe (just maybe) it would be a good idea to go eat at the so-proclaimed “best restaurant in Seattle”, right? Yeah. I would think so too. So as soon as I finished my last final the past Thursday, I gave myself internet privileges again and Googled “best restaurant in Seattle”. Urban Spoon helpfully decided to point me towards a restaurant named Paseo in Fremont.

I saw something for this restaurant that I hardly ever see. On Yelp!, the 870 reviews for Paseo were nearly all unanimously 4 or 5 stars out of 5. Did my eyes fool me? I think not. Only one thing did: the idea of it as a restaurant. I pictured it in my head as a fine restaurant/café with windows open to the slow streets of our lovely city. I went there dressed in my red, white, and blue gear for the FIFA World Cup on Saturday and an all new bag. I got there….

but at first my parents and I drove past Paseo thinking it was a popular deli or juice stand (juice hut?). We stepped inside because we didn’t see any other restaurants and looked at the menu. At the top, printed as clear as the blue sky that day, was the word “Paseo”. It’s Paseo….

With all honesty, the whole atmosphere of the place reminded me of a fast food joint. The line moved fast. There was only a menu on a board above where you ordered. Everything was very quick. I barely had a chance to look at the whole menu before I was rushed to make a choice. My father chose the Cuban Roast (#2) , my mom chose the Midnight Cuban Press (#8), and I decided to be a representative for all you vegetarians out there and chose the Tofu Delight (#7).

The Tofu Delight Sandwich

The Tofu Delight was delicious. The one problem I had: my tendency to smash the tofu. Luckily, it was firmer, organic tofu. The garlic tapenade was delicious too.

The Midnight Cuban Press (with a pretty happy mother)

The meat was delicious. I got a small chunk. It came off in strands and tasted great! My mother confirmed such a statement.

The Cuban Roast Sandwich (their most popular dish) was proclaimed “unbelievable” by my father. While my mother and I attempted to cut our sandwiches up, he took the whole sandwich and took colossal bites. Between mouthfuls of juicy pork shoulder morsels, he nodded at me<–it’s a sign of approval that he likes the place (his mouth is too full to talk.)

Natalie’s Comments/Tips:

  • People order to-go from there.
  • It is very small. Meaning not a lot of place to sit down. Meaning that it might be wiser to buy the sandwiches, drive away from the Caribbean music and find your own silent place to eat.
  • If you’re planning on going at peak hours (lunch, dinner), look at the menu beforehand. You don’t want to get the stink eye from the other people impatiently standing behind you in line.
  • It’s still delicious. That’s the best part.

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