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Eat: Lunch at the Ugly Mug

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Extra, extra! Read all about it. Today was quite the rockin’ day for me. Want to know why? Here are the little tidbits of sunshine that brightened up my day for the better.

  • Seattle is #4 on MSN’s list of the leanest cities in America. ‘Grats Seattle! Check the list out here. #1 on the the list was San Francisco. But #1 on the list of the nation’s fattest cities was Corpus Christi, Texas. Not far from where I was born. I suppose my parents made a good decision in moving to Seattle with my sister and I (eat it, Corpus Christi!)
  • Someone called me a “rockstar” today. Today at the bus stop, this college girl was asking frantically for a nickel (she was five cents short on bus fare). And, well, (my wallet was getting a little heavy with coins anyways), I gave her a nickel. She was bubbling with relief and told me “You are a total rockstar!” I don’t remember the last time anyone called me a rockstar. That left me feeling pretty darn good too.
  • I did my Mother’s Day shopping today. Going shopping during lunch breaks has never felt more productive. Got my mom a pair of floral gardening gloves (not the ugly, plain ones), a package of basil seeds, and a package of carrot seeds. Who knows? If the gift is successful, I might be baking with carrots from our own carrot patch in the near future.
  • I found a really awesome online 3-D grapher. Kudos to my classmate A– for introducing this to me. Graphing “z=f(x,y) surfaces” has never been more fun. Just remember to include an asterisk whenever you do multiplication of any sort if you plan on trying this out.

But, before I stray too far from the intended topic of this post, one of my best friends J– and I went out to lunch yesterday…at the Ugly Mug in the U-District.

The Ugly Mug…is something that I had never heard of before J– suggested it the other day. Upon hearing the name, I thought “Oh, another coffee shop in Seattle. How rare…” (note the sarcasm). But, I have full trust and belief in all the people who I consider my friends and when it comes to food, why not? So I went ahead and agreed to go out to lunch with her at this cafe.

Once again, looking at the sign from across a crosswalk, I saw a scratched and worn-out wooden sign featuring a painting of a woman holding, indeed, a very ugly mug. Quirky things like these are, by all means, not uncommon in Seattle. The entrance was very narrow with some steps of similar condition as the sign. Upon opening the door, my eyes fell upon some buxom loaves of focaccia bread and I immediately smelled (and heard) fresh, brewing coffee. Oh Seattle…

It’s a small cafe. Small and cozy. But, small enough that as I stood up front ordering, I felt like I had the power to knock quite a few dozen loaves of bread off if I spun in a circle with my bulky backpack.

My veggie focaccia sandwich.

It’s nice to step into the shoes of a vegetarian every now and then. And that I did by ordering a veggie focaccia sandwich. Plus, I got a taste of some of that focaccia bread that I could have knocked over with my backpack.

J--'s smoked turkey sandwich!

Smoked turkey with Havarti cheese. And veggies too! Mm-mm good. We split each of our sandwiches in half and shared. The smoked turkey was delicious and the rest of the sandwich was plain refreshing. So yummy.

Unfortunately, I felt really full after those two sandwich-halves. And, plus, we only ordered the ~$5 half-sandwiches! So basically those two…”quarter” sandwiches made me really full. Well…

Natalie’s Tips:

  • Unless you’re absolutely ravenous and are ready to fill your stomach to the max, just order the half-sandwiches. Both J– and I only ordered half-sandwiches. They were only around $4.90 each anyways. Pretty good for staying on budget.
  • While you’re waiting for your order to come, look at the little souvenirs and slips of paper under the glass table cover. I was thoroughly entertained by the pen sketches that were underneath our table cover.
  • Oh! And just one more thing…be careful not to spin around and be clumsy at the front of the cafe. You could knock over that precious focaccia bread. Just a little reminder…

Now, have yourself some classic Broadway to quell your mind and dream of your next foodie-venture.


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A college graduate in molecular biology eagerly awaiting the commencement of my quest for the luxurious yet completely impractical hood that one receives at a Doctorate graduation ceremony.

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  1. That 3D grapher website looks awfully familiar. XD.


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