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5 Reasons Why Eating/Cooking/Baking Makes You Hot (seriously)

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I guess convention decides that girls must eat with bites and nibbles. Girls never eat as much pizza as guys. When I go to a gal pal’s house, the mom always figures out how much pizza to eat by saying “Well, you girls will probably eat 3 slices, but the guys will probably eat 6 slices.” I have (or used to have) a friend who nibbled on things. Literally nibbled. When I finished a chocolate-chip cookie in 3 bites, she would still be there ten minutes later taking small bites out of the cookie.

I really don’t want to sound vulgar, but please just screw convention. If I were a boy and I saw a girl nibbling on a chocolate-chip cookie or eating one teensy, skinny slice of pizza and calling herself full, I would stick my head out the window and puke.

Come on, ladies, have some respect for yourself will you! Sure, maybe men are slightly more buff than we are, but that doesn’t give you any reason to eat “less”. When you step on an elliptical at your local gym, it asks you to enter your weight, age, and desired time of workout. Does it ask you to enter your gender? No! Both genders burn pretty much the same amount of calories so why should one gender eat less than the other?

Beats me.

Ever since I became a self-proclaimed foodie, I declared that I shall eat however much of whatever whenever and wherever I want to eat. And, no, I will not nibble on it. Oh, and just so you know, Vanna White isn’t anorexic either. Haha!

Anyways, enough of me ranting. Time for some…list-making.

  1. Eating makes you sexy. Okay I omitted the “fruits and veggies part” after the word “eating” in that bold sentence. But, fruits and veggies are really not that hard to eat. Unless you’re a total fast-food junkie, in which case I may be required to give you a mental makeover. But it’s true that eating makes you more attractive (the healthy, rosy look created by eating fruits and veggies)! Take a look at this article!
  2. You can bake your way into a guy/girl’s heart. Ah-ha! Knew that one would catch your eye. Well, for a guy, look at #68 on this list of 99 things girls should know about guys. Speaking from a girl’s point of view, I have never found anything more attractive/sweeter than a guy who bakes/makes things for me to eat. Ever heard of the saying “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? Yeah, well that applies to more than just men. It apples to me…and other women too.
  3. Not eating, not baking, and not cooking turns people off. When I see someone who has never baked, never cooked, and hardly takes pleasure in eating good food, I’m turned off. Aren’t you?
  4. First impressions are everything. First date. You’re nervous. Your date’s nervous. We’re all nervous for you. A romantic homemade dinner and the ice is broken and you’re on the road to a terrific relationship. An exclusive, secret cafe/restaurant that hardly anybody knows about, your date would be impressed. Yeah. Good food might be a good idea. (Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, please please please don’t do the whole pizza and a movie thing. Pizza is so cliched. Unless it’s really unique and good pizza. Otherwise, drop it.)
  5. It’s fun. Ah! My cliche alarm is going off again. Yeah, bear with me. But I really mean it! You are a fun person at heart. And what’s at heart is what makes you hot. Embrace your fun side with a fun recipe (quirky ingredients in a classic recipe? Heck yes!)

I’ll stop here and give you some time to revamp your inner foodie. 😉


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