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Eat: Lunch at Mariposa-Neiman Marcus

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Opened September 2009, the Bravern in downtown Bellevue is a collection of designer brands, overpriced restaurants, all topped with the famous Neiman Marcus.

Why, you might ask, would a foodie choose such an upscale place for lunch? To be a true foodie one has to take steps beyond your normal zones of comfort and into areas you have never imagined. True, this might also mean having a bill that’s exponentially larger than what you normally pay, but it’ll all be worth it eventually.

So, here goes, MARIPOSA. As I usually do, first I document the meal I had, then proceed to tell you my comments/opinions.  One of the best things about eating with my family is their varying taste. My dad is the unconditional beef-lover, my sister the fish-filet-lover, my mother the lady-on-a-diet, and I, well, the tryer of everything.

Popovers with Strawberry Butter and Pomegranate Mousse:

Their famous popovers

Some time after we ordered, we saw a waiter striding towards our table with a great basket of these delicious popovers, still smoking from the kitchen. With a pair of tongs, he placed the crispest and freshest popovers on each of our plates and left us with a tiny morsel of pomegranate mousse and strawberry butter. Remember how I said that the bread at Daniel’s Broiler was the best tasting thing ever? Well, its record has been broken with these popovers. The crispiness of its outside, but the angel soft texture of the inside makes it undoubtedly the best bread I’ve ever had at any restaurant. The sweetness of berry on top of it all? Unbelievably heavenly.

The Main Dishes:

My Linguine Pomodoro

Although it looked like a tiny portion at first, it turned out be much more than that and ended up covering for both my lunch and dinner on Saturday. My linguine was with fine strips of parmesan and sprinkled with arugula. Delicious!

My sister's Halibut Filet.

My sister’s halibut filet also appeared small at first, but it was great (according to her)! The filet was just the right degree of softness and there was also grapefruit on it. 😉

My dad's Angus Beef Sandwich.

And the beef lover obviously chooses the Angus beef sandwich. According to him, the sandwich was delicious with one of the juiciest burgers he’s ever tried. Yay him!

My mom's Grilled Mediterranean Turkey Tenderloin.

My mom is a total fan of Mediterranean. This may be because she has so thoroughly inspected every single health magazine you have heard of for the best cancer-preventive and weight-loss foods there are in this world and has came to the conclusion that Mediterranean food is the best. Her sandwich was made with pita bread and came with sweet potato fries. Delicious, naturally.

Take-out bag!

The Review:

Atmosphere: 3.5/5 Stars. A really busy restaurant. We had a 45-minute to an hour wait. Might be wise to make a reservation next time. It was also a relatively small restaurant filled with people, so not as comfortable as some other places. However, cleanliness was excellent and we were able to converse with ease.

Menu: 3.5/5 Stars. Not as much variety on their menu that I had hoped for. Also, watch the prices! A salad may cost more than a main dish. Are you sure you want to spend your lunch munching on a giant leaf of salad while your dining partner(s) takes great savory bites of halibut and beef?

Food: 5/5 Stars. Delicious! Everything that we ordered turned out better than we expected. Each one was crafted to our own taste buds and appearance was also excellent.


  • Make a reservation. Average wait time during lunch hours was an hour.
  • Watch the prices.

As for now, have yourself a wonderful day!


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A college graduate in molecular biology eagerly awaiting the commencement of my quest for the luxurious yet completely impractical hood that one receives at a Doctorate graduation ceremony.

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