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A Secret that’s Only A Step from Pike Place Market

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Famous Pike Place Tulips

Pike Place Market is an emblem of Seattle. As often as you see Seattle postcards with the overrated Space Needle and  gorgeous Mount Rainier, you see postcards of Pike Place Market in those small, tourist-filled gift shops. Coming to Seattle and not visiting the Pike Place Market is analogous to flying all the way to London and not seeing the Big Ben. It just doesn’t happen! Unless you’re a horrible, small-minded tourist who only takes pleasure in air-conditioned hotel lobbies.

Pike Place Market is like a festival of life. Standing in the center of the ebb-and-flow of people on the old tiled floor feels just like standing in the middle of Broadway Avenue, only better. Rather than monumental billboards, flashing lights, advertisements, and streetwalkers, you smell a waft of lavender from one direction, hear the cries of the famous fish throwers, see brilliant sand arrays on your right, and brush your fingers against the fine fabric of the shawls of another vendor. Can you honestly tell me that you would rather be in the hustle and bustle of crazy NYC?

A lavender scent bag.

Well, getting to the point now and away from my excessive raving, Pike Place Market is brilliant. But, taking a few steps away from Pike Place Market lands you somewhere else with quite a different air…..(suspense suspense suspense!)…..


A short cobblestone street surrounded by either side with buildings that remind me so much of Italy. Or at least, what I’ve seen of Italy in those movies. The first time I went there, there was an accordion-player playing music too! It reminded me so much of “Bella Notte”. Wait..did you just ask me what “Bella Notte” was? Augh! Go find your parents’ video cassettes and I demand you watch “Lady and the Tramp” again. PRESTO!

And what better way to add to this spectacular atmosphere than with a gorgeous French Cafe, Cafe Campagne.

Oh dear, J–, if you’re reading this, my parents wanted to go here so bad! And it was a sunny afternoon so I went with them, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going on Monday!


Atmoshpere: 5/5 stars. Beautiful cafe. Classic French music emanating through the air. Romantic dark wood tables and chairs.

Menu: 4/5 stars. Not bad either. A bit pricey, though (like more than $3 for a small Cafe Americain). Dishes average ~$10.

Food: 4/5 stars. C’etait bon! (I, who am taking French III right now, am so tempted to write in French, so allow me) J’ai mangé les pomme frites et mes parents ont bu des cafés américains. Les pommes frites étaient plus délicieux ! C’est mes frites favorites maintenant! I ate pommes frites and my parents drank Cafe Americains. The pomme frites were very delicious. They are my favorite fries now!

And they were, indeed, delicious.

Les pomme frites

Looking at them, they look genuine and real. Often times, unlike fashion, imperfections are very valuable to foodies. Only through seeing imperfections that is innate in all food, can we be reassured that the food is genuine. Each fry was different (might want to learn from them, McDonald’s). Taking my first fry was a crisp, warm touch to the hand. But biting into it, oh! Slightly salted with a crisp outside, and a soft, warm potato inside. Yum! J– was so right in recommending these.

A Cafe Americain

The Cafe Americain, according to my mom and dad, was very thick and smooth. They loved the texture. The caffeine was just perfect. And, of course, my mother took the chance to reprimand my father for making their Sunday morning coffee “too diluted”. Oh parents…

Anyways, this is a head’s up for all of you! Next time you go to Pike Place, take a nice little, calming break here. Stopping for some coffee is perfectly fine with them (that’s what we did).

As for now….enjoy your Bella Notte.


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A college graduate in molecular biology eagerly awaiting the commencement of my quest for the luxurious yet completely impractical hood that one receives at a Doctorate graduation ceremony.

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  1. This is J- here, and those fries are good, huh? With aioli and ketchup…..hehehe
    I’m glad you liked it there!


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