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Eat: Easter in Seattle..oh! and chocolate

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I hope I don’t sound like an awful heretic or anything, but my undoubted favorite part of Easter has to be the brilliant display of pastel colors. I mean, how many times in a year can you walk into any grocery store and be greeted by bright yellow Peeps, pastel pink stuffed bunnies, light green packages of fake grass, and lavender egg baskets? Just this once probably. I love walking into grocery stores this time of year and seeing pastel colored candy wrappers that only enhance the candy even more for me.

And, this almost goes unsaid, but another one of the best parts of Easter would have to be the chocolate we get. The loads and loads and heaps and heaps of chocolate. I, my loves, had the fortune of being visited by the Easter Bunny (-ahem- my mother who is forever young at heart -ahem-). When I went upstairs to my room at around noon today, I found a small tissue paper-wrapped parcel sitting on my bed. It was obvious what it was, of course. But I was just as excited about it as little children are about Christmas morning.

Look at it! Just from looking at it, I knew that I was in love. In love with my dear mother who always does thoughtful things like this and in love with the goods inside (for I knew that my mother knew about my penchant for edible goodies). And, lo and behold. Surprised was I not, but surely happy I was when I saw this inside:

"Oh! Chocolate"'s toffee chocolates, "Oh! Chocolate"'s gold-foiled stars, "Fran's Chocolates"'s Macadamia Gold Bar, and a Quetzalcoatl 72% cacao chocolate bar.

Yes. I was a very grateful little girl today. Who gets toffee chocolates, gold-foiled chocolate stars, a macadamia chocolate bar, and a Quetzalcoatl cacao bar from the finest names in chocolate on the same day? Me. Ha ha. No, I’m sounding way too much like a snob right now. But chocolate gives me fine reason to talk like a snob, doesn’t it? Anyways, I embarked upon my first chocolate adventure of the day with the Fran’s Macadamia Gold Bar.

Seattlites reserve bragging rights since Fran's is exclusive to the Seattle area.

Simply looking at it you can already taste how good it is! A thick coat of luxurious chocolate with gooey caramel and crunchy macadamia nuts snuggled up inside. Mm Mm good!

And, oh yes, macadamia-caramel heaven obtained!

I know that if I say anymore you might all hate me or just jump in your car and drive to your nearest Fran’s for your own Easter treat. But, believe me, rarely have I encountered a chocolate bar so rich and exquisite.

Why Seattlites are awesome: Both Fran’s and Oh! Chocolate are exclusive to the Seattle area. What now, Easter Bunny?


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