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Eat: Lunch at Daniel’s Broiler

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Daniel’s Broiler is Washington’s only USDA steakhouse. It has several locations exclusive to our lovely state of Washington. I went to the one in Bellevue on the 21st floor of Bellevue Place with my lovely mother today. Why? Oh no reason. Besides it being the last weekday of my spring break. Anyways, it was very enjoyable. It was my first time having lunch there (usually my family prefers an enormously pricey dinner at Daniel’s Broiler). And its lunch menu places among the beat steakhouse lunch menus that I’ve seen. Here’s a fairly in-depth documentation.


The reception was very amiable, though they were a bit slow to accommodate us at first. But, we were led to a table by the window with a great view of Bellevue Downtown and the lake. The atmosphere with quiet with, if I recall correctly, some faint smooth jazz playing in the background. Lighting was terrific (I hate restaurants that are too dark in an attempt to make it romantic) probably because it was midday and a beautiful day outside also. The restaurant was very clean. Someone once told me that looking at the  corners of a room in a restaurant will tell you about the cleanliness. Well, I checked the corners and they were impeccable.

Now, the menu. The menu was not that pricey at all compared to the dinner menu. On the dinner menu, you can’t find any main dish for under $25. On the lunch menu, plenty of things were around $15. My mother ordered a Cajun Chicken Club (she’s a huge spicy-holic) and I ordered a USDA Prime Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich. Here’s the lunch menu in case you’re curious.

The Bread:

Their bread was monumental! The crust was flaky and warm, and the bread itself was soft and luxurious. 5 stars for their bread. Much better than the dry dinner rolls that I have often been served.

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…The Meal:

Upon serving, the meal looked scrumptious…but huge. It’s hard to tell from the picture but the meal was a gigantic sandwich with a huge piece of juicy filet mignon. I only ended up finishing half of the sandwich. I’m eating the other half for dinner tonight.With all honesty, the steak fries were mediocre. Tasted just like any other steak fry I’ve ever had. There was nothing unique about the texture or its crispiness. But I guess that’s why Daniel’s Broiler isn’t famous for its fries but for its steak right?

The filet mignon was delicious. It was topped with gruyere cheese, roasted peppers, and caramelized onions. It was absolutely heavenly. The warm melted cheese in addition to the crisp bread with my medium well steak nestled safely among its peppers and onions. Oh! Am I making you drool? I certainly am making myself drool already.

In conclusion:

Definitely a lunch menu I will return to someday, when I have time to stop and have a real lunch break. Otherwise, I will savor that last bit of my filet mignon until I am able to have another one. 🙂


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